OS X Mavericks Broke MySQL Connection

Upgrading to Mavericks gave me the following bug on my locally-hosted website:

mysqli::mysqli(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory   [followed by my actual directory info]

This occurred apparently because PHP was upgraded, which triggered an older PHP compatibility bug.

The quick fix for this was to change the “localhost” references in my DB connectors to “”. Apparently I could link PHP differently for the real fix, but this was good enough for me:

$mysqli=new mysqli(“localhost”,$username,$password,$database);


$mysqli=new mysqli(“”,$username,$password,$database);


Hopefully Google finds this for you and this helps others.

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The past is here, to relive again!

I spent hundreds of hours using Jeremy Roenick to take Mike Richter to school in NFL ’94 (the greatest sports game to ever exist ever), and causing Mike Moore to throw countless controllers through walls. I remember a specific game where Mark Messier took out Chris Chelios in the first period where I had no recourse but to jump out the window.

Such was the excitement that was NHL ’94.

Now EA is finally doing something right by releasing an NFL ’94 mode in the twentieth anniversary edition of NHL 2014.

I cannot wait for this game to come out, and I hope I can get my kid as hooked on it as I was. Clicky -> NHL 2014

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Back home again…

Finally back in Missouri, probably a decade overdue at this point. It’s nice to be back in a familiar area, and also have a house/garage/yard again. It’s been a fun first month sorting things out, grilling outside, and building what I need in the garage.

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Kids say…

Took place right after I pickup Colin (Diane’s son) from school.

Colin: Michael, I can build a roller coaster in real life because I made one in a computer.

Me: Is that so?

Colin: Yes. I even know all the magnetism it would take.

Me: Roller coasters don’t run on magnets.

Colin: I figured not, but I’m trying to use smart words like you would in roller coasting.

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Animal Farm Could Have Been Written in the U.S. Today

I had an itch so I read Orwell’s Animal Farm this weekend. I’d always heard how important this piece was in communicating the experience of living in a Communist society – especially one which was transitioning between leaders. However I haven’t had time to read much in the last few years. It was a good way to fill a lazy Sunday morning.

What shocked me was how many events in the book would serve as a dead ringer for our current two-party government. This is not to say I’m classifying our government as a Communist system, but see how many of the following you recognize.

  • Constant rewriting of history by the government to favor the current party
  • The governing party consistently awarding themselves excess benefits, because they deserve it due to their hard work. Also, there’s no check against doing so.
  • Justifying any governmental action based on the threat of an invented enemy
  • The gradual degradation of people’s benefits over time, in order to make up for a government allocating resources to serve their own interests instead of the people’s
  • Holding the country’s progress hostage until the leader’s demands are met
  • Reliance on a naive public who will accept any fact as true, and generally not trust their instincts when something doesn’t make logical sense
  • Mandating song and prose which favors Nationalism over Individualism
  • Governance by a group of individuals with no experience of what it is like to perform a hard day’s work

The last bullet is the one which truly separates Communism from Capitalism. In Animal Farm, we follow the story as the intended “free farm” moves through Communism and quickly into a Totalitarian state. Had the farm stayed Communist, all the animals would have worked equally. However once the pigs take over – which is accomplished by all the above actions – there is a clear class delineation where they will no longer work because they are above such activities. In our Capitalist Democracy, the public holds no expectation that lawmakers have any idea what it is like to work in the industries they are governing. The individuals in power are there because they have been groomed into politics and they are the best at telling people what they want to hear.

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My Thoughts on the Recent Drone Mess

This type of controversy is what happens when the public wants the government to lie to it. Let me prove that to you.

Pretend for a moment you are walking next to your spouse in the mall. You walk by some supermodel or actor/actress. You are asked if you find that person is attractive. You’re supposed to say no, though the correct answer is most likely yes.

Now say you’re a military spokesman, and the question you are asked is the following; “Would you ever consider using drones against US citizens or within US soil?”

You’re supposed to say no, though the correct answer is most definitely yes.

Let’s go over the question more closely, and why it takes a suspension of logic in order to get in an uproar over the issue. The keywords here, from a logic standpoint, are EVER and OR. To say that one would NEVER do something is a hell of a statement, where all possible reasons need to be examined. Combine that with OR, which is a more inclusive statement, and saying ‘no’ means ruling out quite a bit of possibilities.

The obvious reason drones could be needed on US soil is an invasion. It would be silly to not have drones as an option, given their ability to attack without the risk to (friendly) human life. The other could be a well-hidden terrorist group which has infiltrated the US. Where’s all my Bush-Junior-era Republicans at now? We’ll do anything as long as the terrorists don’t win, right?

It must be noted that a drone action should be viewed as a manned military strike – no more, no less. If the government was asked “Will you ever consider using the military against a US citizen or within US soil?”, a negative answer would be absurd. Every US citizen down to an age of 7 should be able to name a time when both of those conditions have already been met.

Please note I’m not trying to play both sides of the issue here. A drone strike is a military strike.  In no way should we have been running drone strikes in Pakistan, on the order of dozens a year since 2008, without facing stronger political backlash over it. In addition, it is a joke that they are being conducted by the CIA. The CIA, at its strongest, should be a police organization. Police do not go ‘on the affirmative’ to murder someone. Their deadly force is used in self-defense or in protection of a captured person. An affirmative police action is an assassination, and runs a high risk of murder charges.

Speaking of police, what if your police commissioner was asked if she wanted her officers to use their weapons “against US citizens or on US soil.” Would you want her to say no?

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Change comes around again

We’re barely settled into the cozy (tiny) apartment and we’re thinking of moving again. The Texas experiment was a failure, and I can’t believe anyone would want to live here. There are just way too many people.

Trying to get back into “school-mind” has been difficult. Studying in the exact same room I eat, work, and sleep has proven incredibly nerve-wracking. It’s very nice to not have to drive to an office, but rarely leaving a 10×10 room feels more like a cell than a home. For many reasons the move should help to alleviate this problem, even trout I’ll still be working from home.

Stay tuned…

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Change is upon me

My last days at my office are here. Tomorrow is the last time I’ll make the drive to the Boulder office. I’ll be sure to pay a little more attention to the mountains in the morning, which is the best view I’ve ever had on a trip to or from work.

Going forward, I’ll be working from home. I am looking forward to this for a few reasons. Less money spent on travel is obviously a bonus. Getting two hours of my life back will be nice, though I tended to use that to catch up on podcasts so it’ll be interesting to see how I fill that time.

I cannot wait to begin to integrate my Macs more into my workflow. There are so many amazing workflow programs available for OS X that I’m expecting to be able to get so much more done per unit time. The new corporate borg is preparing to take over; I can’t make up the fact that we are all scheduled to be visited by something called the “IT SWAT team” this week. I have a feeling I am going to lose access to all the (relatively) efficient programs which I’ve sourced for XP – most of which were paid for by my own money.

I do have a whole day of packing a truck, loading the car on a trailer, and then driving 14 hours again. I’m not really looking forward to that, but beyond the pain should be an easier life. Time will tell.

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A Heisenberg Level of Uncertainty….

Now my life is at the mother of all crossroads. We’re moving to help my wife get the job she wants. I have a job I am not enjoying, and have not enjoyed for some time. Worse yet, the stars refuse to align in order to pursue an opportunity I would enjoy. I’ve been stuck in this place for over 2 years now.

However, without degrees and certifications, I can’t decide what field to look at next or who would take me.

How does a person who enjoys doing almost anything – pick out that single thing that is right for them?

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It is truly difficult to make the decision to go back to school right now. Work and family has got me so busy that even I’m looking back wondering how I did it for so long.

Maybe my break to refine my Calculus skills is going to extend a bit longer.

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