Change is upon me

My last days at my office are here. Tomorrow is the last time I’ll make the drive to the Boulder office. I’ll be sure to pay a little more attention to the mountains in the morning, which is the best view I’ve ever had on a trip to or from work.

Going forward, I’ll be working from home. I am looking forward to this for a few reasons. Less money spent on travel is obviously a bonus. Getting two hours of my life back will be nice, though I tended to use that to catch up on podcasts so it’ll be interesting to see how I fill that time.

I cannot wait to begin to integrate my Macs more into my workflow. There are so many amazing workflow programs available for OS X that I’m expecting to be able to get so much more done per unit time. The new corporate borg is preparing to take over; I can’t make up the fact that we are all scheduled to be visited by something called the “IT SWAT team” this week. I have a feeling I am going to lose access to all the (relatively) efficient programs which I’ve sourced for XP – most of which were paid for by my own money.

I do have a whole day of packing a truck, loading the car on a trailer, and then driving 14 hours again. I’m not really looking forward to that, but beyond the pain should be an easier life. Time will tell.

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