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OS X Mavericks Broke MySQL Connection

Upgrading to Mavericks gave me the following bug on my locally-hosted website: mysqli::mysqli(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory   [followed by my actual directory info] This occurred apparently because PHP was upgraded, which triggered an older PHP compatibility bug. … Continue reading

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The past is here, to relive again!

I spent hundreds of hours using Jeremy Roenick to take Mike Richter to school in NFL ’94 (the greatest sports game to ever exist ever), and causing Mike Moore to throw countless controllers through walls. I remember a specific game … Continue reading

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Back home again…

Finally back in Missouri, probably a decade overdue at this point. It’s nice to be back in a familiar area, and also have a house/garage/yard again. It’s been a fun first month sorting things out, grilling outside, and building what … Continue reading

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Kids say…

Took place right after I pickup Colin (Diane’s son) from school. Colin: Michael, I can build a roller coaster in real life because I made one in a computer. Me: Is that so? Colin: Yes. I even know all the … Continue reading

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Animal Farm Could Have Been Written in the U.S. Today

I had an itch so I read Orwell’s Animal Farm this weekend. I’d always heard how important this piece was in communicating the experience of living in a Communist society – especially one which was transitioning between leaders. However I … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Recent Drone Mess

This type of controversy is what happens when the public wants the government to lie to it. Let me prove that to you. Pretend for a moment you are walking next to your spouse in the mall. You walk by … Continue reading

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Change comes around again

We’re barely settled into the cozy (tiny) apartment and we’re thinking of moving again. The Texas experiment was a failure, and I can’t believe anyone would want to live here. There are just way too many people. Trying to get … Continue reading

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Change is upon me

My last days at my office are here. Tomorrow is the last time I’ll make the drive to the Boulder office. I’ll be sure to pay a little more attention to the mountains in the morning, which is the best … Continue reading

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A Heisenberg Level of Uncertainty….

Now my life is at the mother of all crossroads. We’re moving to help my wife get the job she wants. I have a job I am not enjoying, and have not enjoyed for some time. Worse yet, the stars … Continue reading

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It is truly difficult to make the decision to go back to school right now. Work and family has got me so busy that even I’m looking back wondering how I did it for so long. Maybe my break to … Continue reading

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