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AT&T and Verizon – Whose Marketing Is Telling the Truth?

Choosing the right cellular carrier can be fairly annoying given the fact that there is no proper way to compare given networks without a great amount of hassle. Once you go through the trouble to pick two phones, sign two … Continue reading

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Well it’s now mid-March, the layoffs are announced, and we’re two weeks away from even tighter integration with our new parent company. As mentioned earlier, I am off of school this semester. I am starting to question my approach to … Continue reading

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A Curious Move – OS X’s New Release Schedule

I’m very concerned about Apple’s newly announced yearly OS X release schedule. Like most vendors, their .0 releases are buggy and take some time to stabilize. If they release a .0 every summer, I’m worried that the “latest and greatest” … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as vacation once you grow up? I guess if you never do the family thing it’s possible. I’m on my last night of what was supposed to be a weekend away to see my son … Continue reading

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Taking a Break…. (The Story of a Professor’s “Experiment” Gone Wrong)

After a rocky first 3 weeks to the semester, I decided to take the spring off from classes. I really didn’t want to delay my degree any further but I think my reasons are sound. First and foremost, and I … Continue reading

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Snow snow snow…

Took 80 minutes to get to work today. Didn’t really have that time to spare

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My Goodness….

Remember the high school Physics problem where there was a ball bouncing on a table, or a simple pendulum hanging from a string? Ok – now have the ball tied to the string, swinging from the pendulum, and it is … Continue reading

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My Lack of Time is Disturbing…

Just a quick thought… The recent blizzard caused me to stay home from school (and I was scheduled to work from home for night shifts anyway) which gave me a lot of time to think. This physics stuff would be … Continue reading

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Speaking of iPad…

Now that my iPad and I have gotten reacquainted… I’m thinking of potentially using it to take notes in class. Part of the reason for this is to capture all of the mathy-ness of every one of my classes. One … Continue reading

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Thanks, CenturyLink

I’m at home this week, as I am working a second shift. It’s pretty important to be able to work a week of coverage now and then since I’ve been basically broke since starting school. The one thing I must … Continue reading

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